Prince Edward Island – Distillery

Having spend 18 months in obtaining the required licences and in product development, Mike opened the Deep Roots Distillery doors with his first product in early summer 2014.  Since then, with the exception of summer student help, Mike has managed the the entire operation between himself and his family.  In all approaches and actions, Mike has remained committed to eco friendly processes and ensuring involvement and support of the community, producing quality small batch spirits bringing tourists and recognition to the Island.

In early March, it became clear there was a dramatic shortage of the required products to help Islanders reduce their risk of spreading the Covid 19 pandemic.  Given his expertise and equipment,  Mike was able to quickly pivot his operation in order to produce an effective hand sanitizer, one of the critical tools to help fight Covid-19.  Following the World Health Organization prescribed formula, he developed a product, obtained all the necessary approvals and is currently producing and distributing hand sanitizer.  Working day and night and getting essential help from his immediate and extended family, he has managed to put into place an operation that is meeting Island needs.

He has gone well above and beyond what’s expected in ensuring the volume of product has been made available and making Island deliveries.

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