Guelph Distillery Begins Making Hand Sanitizer

A local distillery in my town actually switched from distilling spirits to making sanitizer. I’ve never actually been to their business but I think I will definitely be a loyal supporter of them after seeing them step up in a communities time of need. (Dixons)

“We have the ability to help out and we said why the hell not. We’re all in this together,” part-owner Chevy Patterson said over the phone on Tuesday.

They also say the following:

While they are supplying it at no charge, he admits costs will soon start to become an issue for the small company as they plan on still producing their gin and vodka.

They hope that the government steps up and lets organizations like this to ship out product without paying heavy taxes or levies as they state that they currently pay as much as 80% tax on products coming from their company, even if it is hand sanitizer.

Source: Global News

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