CAA delivers PPE to healthcare workers on the frontlines

In support of our healthcare workers fighting the current pandemic from the front-lines, CAA has partnered with various organizations and initiatives to help collect and distribute masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to COVID-19 hospitals in the community. See below for a short recap:​

Mobilizing Masks for Health Care Providers

  • CAA Club Group (CCG ) has partnered with Mobilizing Masks for Health Care Providers, started by a small group of physicians from Sunnybrook Hospital, whose initiatives to date ​have gathered over 150,000 PPEs, N95 masks and gloves.
  • CCG will be utilizing its roadside assistance for contactless pick-up and delivery of mask donations to ensure a seamless door-to-door delivery of masks without increasing the risk to the community.

Medical relief to Ontario’s far north

  • This Easter weekend, CAA Club Group CEO, Jay Woo, conducted several medical relief flights to remote hospitals of Northern Ontario and to Waterloo Region.
  • From these 2 regions, the PPEs are then further distributed to smaller towns and the various hospital networks in those respective areas.
  • A total of 11,000 medical masks, shields and respiratory masks were flown out and delivered to these hospitals that who had run out.

As we continue to support each other and our community through these unprecedented times, CCG will continue to do its part in easing the burden of this crisis in hopes to making people’s days better and safe.​

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