Sharing Positive Corporate Actions

During these trying times, it can seem like no one cares about the average person in our society, but sometimes there are companies that do the right thing and we need to highlight them as they deserve our patronage. Please help us share postive corporate actions.

Submit Your Story!

What are your positive corporate stories? Is your company doing something special to help out the public or have you been positively affected by a company?

You can submit them using this form below and we will review them and post them on the site. We will not use your name or email on our public posting.

What Constitutes a Capeless Hero?

Any business that is doing something above and beyond the normal in a way that really helps people, especially at the expense of the company or its executive team. 

These companies didn’t have to do anything, but they chose to give back and they deserve a little tip of the hat for helping out.

Paying your employees during a government mandated shutdown is not enough.

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